Coaching and Mentoring Program


You may have already spent few years in your current job, you may have just landed in a new job or you plan to join a new one soon. It’s time to start shaping up your future career and the process should begin today!!! 

TechieAid offers one-on-one coaching and mentoring program which will help address all your concerns, issues, challenges and more importantly assist in positioning you for a great future ahead. 

The coaching and mentoring program will consist of multiple one-on-one sessions with each session focussed on a particular aspect related to your professional and personality development such as career management, communication skills, performance improvement, problem solving, relationships, work life balance etc. The program can be fully customized based on your needs and challenges.                          

One of the important features of this program is we will work with you closely to plan, design, implement and evaluate a successful learning engagement. We will start by understanding your most critical challenges and assess your coaching needs to address all your problems and achieve the desired impact. 

Benefits of the program

  • Provide clarity on your goals. Help you identify what’s really important to you and stay focused on that. · 
  • Offer you a different perspective so that you can deal challenges in a better way · 
  • Address your concerns. Provide useful feedback and guidance so that you can move in the right direction. · 
  • Focus on your development efforts. Identify your weakness fix them and invest more time on right opportunities. · 
  • Gain competitive advantage so that you move faster to reach your goal · 
  • Develop Leadership skills and Increase your level of engagement 
  • Increase your professional fulfilment so that you can be more happy and successful 

Customized One-On-One Coaching



Career Management

Stress Management

Leadership Development

Conflict Management

Time Management

Performance Improvement

Controlling Attrition

Manage Work Life Balance

Client Management

Job Security Issues

Counterpart Relationship

Team Work

Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Personality Development

Overcoming Fear


Consultation and Guidance - Address all your queries

Junior Techies


How to get adjusted to the new work environment? 

What should be my level of involvement? 

What should be my top 2-3 focus areas? 

How do I gain confidence of my lead and manager? 

How to get along with other senior members in the team?

When and how to escalate issues?What should be my personal development goals?

What kind of skill set I need to develop to have a good career growth in future? 

Senior Techies


How do I excel in my performance?How do I manage work life balance? 

What are the top priorities for my career growth? 

How do I increase my visibility in the organization? 

Which path do I choose, technical or managerial? 

How to work effectively with my clients and counterpart teams? 

Do I need to change my project, technology or role? 

Manager Techies


How to gain confidence of my team? 

How to better influence my higher management? 

How to reduce attrition in my team? 

How do I resolve conflicts within my team? 

How do I handle a difficult member in the team? 

How do I effectively work with my counterpart teams?

How do I increase the motivation levels of my team?